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The website is dedicated to celiacs and others avoiding gluten who are unable to find online information regarding hotels which serve gluten free food. The purpose of the website is to make your gluten free vacation as comfortable as possible by saving you time looking up for a suitable hotel. The website is free of charge and is constantly updating. You can also do your share and help the website evolve - please visit our contribute page.

The owner of the website has celiac. The idea of building this website came to the owner when he searched the web for a hotel in London which serves gluten free food but could not find one. When he contacted several hotels, he found out that while many hotels do not serve gluten free food, some are able to accommodate that request although this information is not displayed on their websites.

He then decided to build a website containing a list of hotels in major cities around the world which serve gluten free food.

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Your opinion matters. Whether you want to list a place, ask us to find hotels in a specific city, comment about the website, or any other reason, you are more than welcome to send us a mail to glutenfreehotelsguide@gmail.com

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Prospective travelers are urged to contact the hotels directly and verify the information posted on this website prior to making any travel arrangements. Any question regarding a particular hotel or the services it provides should be addressed directly to the hotel.

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